Commenting on videos

You can input a small amount of text at the text box near the video play bar. Press the 'Enter' key or the 'send' button beside it to post your comment onto the video.

Sharing videos

To share a video on this site, you'll need to have an account first. click here to Sign Up

Click on your username at the top right corner after sign in. This will take you to the admin section of this site. Then, click on the Media button at the top bar which will bring you to a page that will list the videos you've shared. Click on the create button to go to the page that will let you input the details of the video you want to share. Alternatively, you can click here to go to the share page directly.

Mobile Support

This site embeds video from other video service providers, which mean there is only suboptimal support for mobile devices as some videos are served through flash.

In the unforeseeable future, API may be released and developers are more then welcome to hack out some more advanced players and stuff..